DNA Analysis for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

DNA analysis is a great way for the health-conscious individual to know where they stand and game-plan accordingly. Through analysis of your DNA, we can find out a breadth of information regarding how you may react to certain medications, whether or not you have a predisposition to specific diseases, and how nutrition can be optimized.

Do You Want to Stay in the Dark?

If you could know that you were genetically pre-disposed to a disease later in life, would you want to know? If your answer is yes, than DNA Analysis is how you can go about finding out. When you know that you're more likely to have a certain condition, you can plan ahead and make the lifestyle, medical and nutritional changes necessary to overcome.

Optimize your Nutrition

Through DNA Analysis, we can determine a plan of action to optimize your body's nutrition. Within the genetic code, everybody's body is set up to take in nutrition differently. Once we find out what your unique situation is, our experts can game-plan for the perfect nutritional plan for you.